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Fishing Harbour In The Union Territory Of Pondicherry

I. Introduction

The Union Territory of Pondicherry has a coast line of 45 kms and a continental shelf of 675 sq./kms. There are 50 fishing hamlets of varying sizes and generally the living conditions are far from comfortable.

II. Pondicherry Fishing Harbour

Located in the Ariyankuppam River at Thengaithittu.


It has been proposed to establish a Fishing Harbour at Pondicherry in the year 1984 vide letter No. 33013-13/81-FY(H), dated 23-07-1984 at an estimated cost of Rs. 208 lakhs in an area of 23 acres. The estimate was subsequently revised to Rs.423 lakhs and the same has been approved by the Government of India during the year 1991 (No.33013-13/91 FY(H) dated 21-03-1991) Thereafter having a detailed discussion with the Director, Central Institute of Coastal Engineering for Fishery, Bangalore, the estimate was further revised to the tune of Rs.606 lakhs in the year 2001. The acquisition of land for the scheme was initiated during 1987-88 and completed only in the year 1994. In the meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India has accorded administrative approval in April, 1991 for the construction of Fishing Harbour under Centrally Sponsored Scheme at a cost of Rs.423 lakhs. Totally an amount of Rs.423 lakhs was released by the Government of India in eight installments right from 1994. Besides the above, Government of Pondicherry has also released Rs.183 lakhs for the completion of the said project based on a Revised Estimate of Rs.606 lakhs prepared and submitted to Government for approval during the year 2000-01. Except the construction of office building and the workshop, rest of the items of works enumerated in the estimate have been completed. In this stage the fishing harbour was inaugurated by His Excellency Lt. Governor in the presence of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Hon’ble Ministers, MLAs, Officials of the Government and the fishermen on 15-10-03.

Fund Released By Government Of India

Government of India had sanctioned Rs.423.00 lakhs for construction of a Fishing Harbour at Pondicherry under Centrally Sponsored Scheme.

Funds Released By Government Of Pondicherry.

Till now Government of Pondicherry has release a total amount of Rs.239.60 lakhs for project as described below: 1. For laying of approach road from Bharathi Mill to Fishing harbour complex - 55.60 lakhs. 2. Advance grant towards central share on the basis Of reimbursement by Government of India -184.00 lakhs.

Facilities Available In The Fishing Harbour

The work was actually started in the year 1994 after meeting all the requirements including Environmental Clearance as per the Administrative approval issued by Government of India. So far the following works were completed.

  1. Construction of Compound Wall
  2. Road connecting facilities (Reclamation and Formation)
  3. Pump house 2 nos. and bore well
  4. Approach road formation
  5. Power room.
  6. Diaphragm wall
    • Length: 330 m
    • Width: 50 cm
    • Depth : 11m
  7. Apron slab
    • Length: 330m
    • Width : 5m
  8. Sloping hard
    • Rubble soling
    • 50-100 mm HBG metal
  9. Internal roads
  10. Fuel Station
  11. Drainage and Sewerage
  12. Water supply
  13. Drinking Water supply
  14. Boat Repair yard
  15. Power & lighting sub station
  16. Two auction hall
  17. Canteen
  18. Spare parts
  19. Information and communication centre.
  20. Toilet for both Male and Female
  21. Net mending shed
  22. Mechanical workshop with office
  23. Office building

Pondicherry Fishing Harbour

Established at Thengaithittu, Puducherry during 2003 under Central Assistance

  • Total Cost - 606 lakhs
  • GOI(CSS) - 423 lakhs
  • State Government -183 lakhs

Facilities available

  • 330m long quay
  • Water basin of 4 metres draft with a capacity to accommodate 350 boats
  • Auction hall (2 nos.)
  • Boat Repair yard (1 no.)
  • Road connecting facilities to harbour
  • Ancillary Facilities like Internal Roads and Pavements, Fuel Station, Drainage and sewage, Water supply

Karaikal Fishing Harbour (Rs. in Crores)

  • Established at Arasalar river during 2012
  • Total Cost : Rs.47.76
    • GoI(CSS)
    • Negotiated loan (NABARD)
  • Facilities:-
    • Training wall
    • Quay to accommodate 320 MFB
    • Auction Hall and Net Mending Shed
    • Sloping hard

Mahe Fishing Harbour (Under Construction) (Rs. In Crores)

  • Total Cost : 71.62
    • GoI(CSS) : 22.62
    • Negotiated loan (HUDCO) : 49.00
  • Facilities proposed
    • Break water
    • Quay (Diaphragm wall)
    • Auction Hall and Net mending shed
    • Gear shed, & Rest shed
    • Workshop

Yanam Fishing Harbour (Under Construction)

  • Estimated Cost : Rs.18.85 crores (CSS)
  • Facilities proposed
    • Jetty
    • Auction Hall and Net mending shed
    • Gear shed & Rest shed
    • Workshop / Boat Repair shop
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